Faculty of Science Pedagogic Research Group

Learning about learning

A shared interest in education-related research within the sciences and beyond.

The Faculty of Science Pedagogic Research Group was founded in 2014. It is comprised of academic staff from the three science Schools and service teams within the Faculty and Registry, including three Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellows.

Members are actively involved in disseminating their work through international conferences and journal publications. This may be to audiences restricted to a particular subject area within science or through studies that are of general relevance to the UK higher education community.

Our expertise

Our activities cover a broad range of themes:

  • Cognition
    Investigating motivation, self-regulation, self-concept and their roles in learning
  • Personal development planning and emotional intelligence
    Looking at the factors that affect student engagement with personal development planning (PDP), including students’ abilities and traits
  • Progression and transition
    Studying trends from progression data within the Faculty, including the impact of the type and level of entry qualifications on exit awards
  • Assessment, feedback, and the use of ICT
    Investigating how we might encourage greater student engagement with assessment tasks and feedback, including the potential benefits of online systems
  • Student expectations, choices and experiences
    Reviewing the mechanisms that should be in place to support the transition of students into, through, and out of higher education


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In addition to the members below, the group also includes: Paula Beasley, Jamie Fearn, Virendra Mistry and Bethan Reid.

Contact us

For more information about the group please get in touch with us: scs-prg@ljmu.ac.uk.