International partnerships

Liverpool John Moores University partners with respected colleges, universities and organisations around the world. 

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is committed to becoming a ‘pioneering modern civic and globally-engaged university’ and are committed to developing a range of long-term, mutually-beneficial international partnerships offering a variety of collaborative activity.

We are very proud of our international reputation, as well as our place in the world, and are currently engaged with partners in over 16 countries to support an ethos of global citizenship, across our student and staff community while supporting the wider LJMU development strategy.

Our Internationalisation Strategy focuses on enhancing our global presence, making the LJMU brand available overseas as well as other activities which encompass student and staff exchange, visiting faculty, dual awards, joint research, articulation arrangements and summer schools.

Within the LJMU Strategy 2023-2030, a key principle ‘Place and Partnership’ encompasses the importance of global partners specifically, given its history as a major port, Liverpool’s sense of place also has a global inflection, and the university has a growing international dimension across its activity base. We are committed to augmenting our visibility as a student destination and education partner, to supporting the interests of the city and region through our global connections and influence, and to forging research collaborations across the world that help to build economies, reduce poverty and enhance health and education outcome.

International Partnerships Plan

LJMU enjoys a long-standing tradition of working in partnership in order to deliver its mission and meet the needs of the local, national and international communities it serves and has recognised the value partners can add to the delivery of its core activities and strategic objectives. 

The objectives below have been identified to support LJMU in meeting its strategic goals:

1. Increasing international collaborative and enterprise activity with highly-ranked institutions worldwide,

2. Providing opportunities for LJMU undergraduates to undertake an international experience during their studies,

3. Increasing the diversity of student internships and placements through both established and new partnership relations,

4. Developing the range of joint research opportunities as well as conference participation and symposia with international partners,

5. Providing the LJMU brand overseas through partner institutions in both existing and priority target markets,

6. Increasing the number of staff who undertake international opportunities that enhance the student experience,

7. Attracting new international students, through international partnership activity, to contribute to the Strategic Plan of the University 2023-2030 (

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If you have a general enquiry, please contact the International Partnerships Team and a member of the team will be happy to assist.