Sports Psychology and Performance Lifestyle

What is Sport Psychology?

The sport psychology provision at LJMU looks to develop not only student athletes understanding of psychological principles, but also their motivations, values and behaviours, which can in turn contribute to improvements in not only athletic performance, but overall life satisfaction. Sport psychology looks to provide athletes with a better understanding of how they view and process the world.

Service and benefits to LJMU athletes

Athletes who wish to access psychology support will receive one-to-one, personalised support, which will aim to develop skills and strategies that each individual can use to improve their sporting performance. These include but are not limited to: coping and performing under pressure, managing motivation, controlling and understanding emotions, understanding and developing identity, navigating transitions and transition challenges.

What is Performance Lifestyle?

Performance lifestyle support looks to offer support and insight to athletes currently working to manage a dual career, balancing their sporting demands alongside their education commitments. Further, performance lifestyle support seeks to support athlete well-being, whilst simultaneously encouraging athletes to explore and manage their own personal and professional development, both within and outside of their sporting careers.

Performance Lifestyle: Service and benefits

At LJMU each athlete will work with a trained Performance Lifestyle advisor who will work proactively to help develop as athletes, students and people. Through group sessions and one-to-one support, Performance Lifestyle Advisors will support personal and lifestyle needs, and explore strategies and plans to ensure the individual can succeed in their development journeys, both within and outside of sport.

The main areas of focus with Performance Lifestyle at LJMU are: preparing for and managing transitions, career development planning, supporting well-being and mental health and holistic development of each individual.

Meet the team

Alice Stratford
Head of Performance Sport Psychology & Lifestyle Co-ordinator for TASS & LJMU