Sport and Physical Activity – Student Experience

The department manages the university sports facilities and promotes the goals and aspirations of the physical activity and Sports Strategic Plan.

Our vision is to inspire students, staff and the wider community to become more active by offering high quality facilities, diverse services and inclusive programmes for everyone.  These aspects will aim to improve health and wellbeing for students, staff and the wider community, whilst supporting the regional development of Liverpool as a Global Active City.

Our QUEST Accredited sports building opened in June 2021 at our Copperas Hill site in central Liverpool and comprises a sports hall, studios and a 120-station gym facility.

We host a variety of programmes to support our student experience and healthy living goals, alongside the health and wellbeing of our staff.  Download our LJMU Sports App.

Our participation and healthy lifestyle programmes are provided to friendship groups, student accommodation groups and house mates, from those who want to try something new, to those who need encouragement and support. This enables students to discover and participate in activities and sports that are new and available to them and provides signposting to not only improve students’ wellbeing, but also to help increase their horizons and expand their circle of friends. 

From organising walk and talk outings, a friendly game of rounders in the park, a yoga or meditation session, or directing students to a specialist fitness class, recreation team, competitive team or a health and wellbeing group, our aim is to support students in building leadership and people skills and help them to develop personal habits to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In partnership with JMSU, we work to support their competitive sports programme whilst also working with academic colleagues, as a venue for sports related course delivery.

We are developing a coaching hub to provide students with qualifications, placement and employability opportunities within the world of physical activity and sport outside the curriculum.

We work collaboratively with school partnerships, sport and health organisations and national governing bodies to ensure from participation to excellence, all levels of the sporting continuum are captured by our services.

We support sports scholarships with our LJMU Outreach Team and the High-Performance Unit within the university.

The department is currently developing a programme of focus sports to support and enhance our wider teams within the national British Universities College Sports (BUCS) programme and our current focus teams are Rugby League Men’s 1st, Cricket Men’s 1st, Volleyball Men’s 1st, Netball Women’s 1st, Handball Men & Women’s 1st and Basketball Men’s 1st and Development Sports, Tennis, Rugby Union and Hockey