Faculty Research Conference

Faculty Research Conference celebrates the significant contribution that Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) make to academic life, allowing PGRs a platform to share their own research and gain valuable feedback.

Participation also enhances understanding of current postgraduate research activity across the Faculty and promotes inter-faculty communication and research networks, providing PGRs the opportunity to support like-minded colleagues. The conference develops researching skills crucial to presenting, writing, poster preparation and communicating research to an audience. The event usually involves Faculty PGRs, Faculty staff and keynote speakers from industry and academia.

Depending on their stage of research, PGRs from across the faculty present their work in the form of papers, photos, pitch presentations and posters. Posters and photos are circulated via online galleries ahead of the event, with the top ten scoring posters and photos printed and on display for public viewing.

The conference is closed with a prizegiving ceremony hosted by the Faculty Pro Vice Chancellor who presents the awards for ‘Best Paper’, ‘Best Photo’, ‘Best Pitch Presentation’, ‘Best Poster’, ‘People’s Choice Pitch Presentation’, ‘People’s Choice Photo’, ‘People’s Choice Poster’ and the ‘Awards for Best PhD Thesis’.

Faculty Research Conference 2024

Faculty Research Conference 2024 took place on Wednesday 15th May. The event was well attended by PGRs and staff from all across the faculty, and culminated in a social event where the PGRs could chat about their own research and experiences. 

Faculty Research Conference 2023

Faculty Research Conference 2023 took place on Wednesday 24 May. This year event was back fully face to face, and was held in the Adaptive Learning Zone, James Parsons Building. The event welcomed both staff and PGR’s alike, and the Keynote Presentations were given by four former PGRs in a session themed - My PhD Journey from Then to Now!.

Faculty Research Conference 2022

Faculty Research Conference 2022 took place on Wednesday 29 June. The event was a hybrid format with activities taking place online leading up to the day itself, which was held in the Adaptive Learning Zone, James Parsons Building. The event welcomed staff, PGR’s and keynote speakers back to campus for the first time in three years.

Faculty Research Conference 2021

Faculty Research Conference 2021 took place on Wednesday 19 May, online via Microsoft Teams. PGRs submitted papers, photos and posters which were circulated via online galleries ahead of the event. The Event concluded with a Live Final for the three minute Pitch Presentations and was very well received attracting over 100 attendees.

The Faculty Research Conference Proceedings are available for the following years here: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.