LJMU Maritime Centre

Formerly the Lairdside Maritime Centre

Helping to meet the training needs of the maritime industry.

Through delivery of our exceptional courses, we have trained numerous maritime professionals, deck officers and marine engineers. Our proven background in simulation training establishes our position as a leader in the area of maritime simulation in the UK.

Our expertise

The Maritime Centre helps to meet the training needs of the maritime industry, whether that is through our facilities or through our specialist training courses. 

Some of our key facilities include our ship-handling simulator, which is one of the most advanced in Europe. Thanks to the simulator, induced equipment faults and ship manoeuvring difficulties become real, demanding proper responses from students. Theory is put into practice and the chosen response can be compared and contrasted with the actions of others during the comprehensive and powerful debrief sessions.

In terms of research, the simulator has been used to confirm the suitability of new berthing facilities, which has proven economic value. It has also been used to research the impact of civil engineering projects on the marine environment as well as conducting investigations into maritime accidents and insurance claims.

As well as being known for our excellent facilities and courses, our Centre also offers consultancy, conference and corporate events services. 

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