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International student support

Student Route Visa students

The information in this section is intended for students on a Student Route Visa who have completed their programme of study successfully.

There is a date on your CAS certificate when your Visa will expire and you will be expected to leave the UK. Under normal circumstances this is to allow you to attend graduation or complete any referral examinations you may have.

Take a look at the information from the UK Government about how your Visa may be affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As you have now completed your programme if you wish to work during this period there are now no limits to the number of hours you may work.

If you are unable to return home for any reason you should contact our International Advice Team on

Student Route students requiring an extension to their visa

If you require additional time to complete your studies after the expiration of your Visa you will need to apply for an extension to your Student Route Student Visa. Find out more on the GOV UK website.

If you have had to return home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and wish to extend your Visa please contact for advice and information.

You may wish to visit the UKCISA website for information relating to your study in the UK and post study options.

The #WeAreTogether campaign brings students together from universities across the UK to share their experience of what it’s like to study in the UK during Covid-19. Follow @wearetogether_uk on Instagram for tips, advice, and information for current and future international students.

Students from Europe

If you wish to remain in the UK after you have completed your studies beyond 31st December 2020 you will need to apply under the EU Settlement scheme.

The EU settlement scheme is designed to offer EU, non-EU EEA and Swiss citizens and their eligible family members living in the UK before the end of the transition period (during which free movement continues) the opportunity to protect their residence in the UK after the transition period has ended.

The settlement scheme is not only for those who intend to settle in the UK after studying. It is immigration permission, which can lead to settlement, but does not have to be used to gain settlement. With permission under the scheme there will be no restrictions on study (where you study or what you study).

For any additional information, advice or support please contact our International Team on