International students studying with upGrad celebrated in Liverpool

Students from India, Jordan, Vietnam, Iran, Singapore and Norway studying with LJMU’s international online education partner upGrad, have spent time at the university in Liverpool this week to explore research projects and to celebrate their academic achievements.

These international learners are undertaking online programmes accredited by LJMU’s Liverpool Business School and School of Computer Science and Mathematics, with many of them working towards their postgraduate qualifications alongside their current employment. 

Those studying in partnership with Liverpool Business School have obtained MBAs (Master of Business Administration) and those studying with the School of Computer Science and Mathematics are undertaking studies across a host of programmes including the MSc in Data Science, MSc in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, MSc in Software Engineering and MSc in Computer Science.

During their visit to Liverpool students met with their respective faculties, touring the Mount Pleasant and City Campuses, hearing from researchers, undertaking careers talks and taking part in mini-research projects that were then presented at the end of the three-day visit.

All students were awarded certificates in specially arranged celebration ceremonies on campus.

Students enjoy time in Liverpool

Osama Almomani, studying Data Science, said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic here in Liverpool, I’m proud, happy and it’s been a fruitful time here even in just three days. I hope to return back to LJMU to do a PhD in Machine Learning.”

Harshada Rao, who gained an MBA through the upGrad partnership, said: “The best part that I learnt about was the strategy and leadership. Being a Project Manager, it has helped me a lot and been really good for me.”

Hundreds of international online learners have visited LJMU this year as part of their upGrad studies, with visits having taken place in February, April and June.

Studies support further employment opportunities

Professor Dhiya Al-Jumeily OBE, a Professor of Artificial Intelligence within LJMU’s School of Computer Science and Mathematics, said: “These three days in Liverpool provide our students with an intensive opportunity to talk about the philosophy of Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) and to explore research.

“They are already professionals, and are working, but they want to do a better job and have more employment opportunities. These studies are difficult but provide them with the opportunity to become international citizens and to help people through their work.”

Dr Mike Aiello, a member of the Executive Education and Professional Development Team at Liverpool Business School, said: “The fact that these students have made the effort to come all the way to Liverpool to do this immersive three-day programme, is significant, and they should capture this as a really important event that they have taken part in.

“The fact that people can join teams, work in teams, complete a higher-level piece of work in a short period of time, networking and so on, these are the skills and processes that many cutting-edge employers are looking for, alongside the MBA, and we’re replicating these skills through this visit to LJMU.”

International study with LJMU

Find out more about LJMU’s partnership with upGrad and opportunities for international study. 


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