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Our excellent employability-focused courses have helped our talented graduates secure their dream careers. Where could your degree take you?

Possible careers and industries

Some of the professions our past students have gone into include:

  • Barrister
  • Trainee probation officer
  • Prison officer
  • Social worker
  • Patent attorney
  • Central government, for example, working with the Ministry of Justice
  • Local government
  • Drug and alcohol support worker
  • Witness support worker
  • Bank manager
  • Civil servant
  • Local government
  • Solicitor
  • Business manager
  • Youth offending officer
  • Police officer
  • Immigration officer
  • Retail manager
  • Executive officer at the Ministry of Defence
  • Insurance broker
  • Lawyer

Remember, a degree from the School of Law doesn't necessarily mean you have to work within the legal profession. These are just a few potential options and areas you might like to consider.

Legal Advice Centre

Discover more opportunities at LJMU's Legal Advice Centre.

We'll help you achieve your dream career

There are lots of ways we'll help you achieve your dream career. Here are just a few:

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We'll show you how the law works in the real world

We'll develop your Employability

We'll help you gain legal skills

We'll help you decide what path is right for you

We'll provide you with opportunities to work abroad

We can help you start your own business

"Working at the Centre has been a great way to put into practice all the things we've learnt since our undergraduate studies. "

Lauren Rattiagn, Volunteer at the Legal Advice Centre