Liverpool Screen School courses

Courses designed to help you realise your full potential.

When you join Liverpool Screen School you'll not only study on a cutting-edge programme, which has been informed by current research and contemporary, industry-relevant issues, but you'll also be welcomed into a vibrant learning community.

  1. BA (Hons)

    Full time

    Creative Writing

    UCAS code W800 Points required BCC - BBB (104 - 120)
  2. BA (Hons)

    Full time

    Film Studies

    UCAS code P303 Points required BBC - ABB (112 - 128)
  3. BA (Hons)

    Full time


    UCAS code P500 Points required BBC-ABB (112-128)
  4. BA (Hons)

    Full time

    Media Production

    UCAS code P300 Points required BCC-BBB (104-120)
  5. BA (Hons)

    Full time

    Sports Journalism

    UCAS code PP55 Points required BBC-ABB (112-128)

"I have learnt a great deal from a huge variety of areas within drama and truly feel I have the right knowledge to go out and work within industry."

Kerrie McLaughlin, Drama graduate