Medical Cannabis Project

Volunteers needed for research about the experiences of people taking cannabis for medical reasons without a prescription.

We are looking for volunteers to talk to us about their experiences of taking non-prescribed cannabis for medical reasons. We would like to ask you about your experiences and the issues that arise for people who need medical cannabis. You would be asked to share your story of obtaining and taking medical cannabis without prescription (or of caring for someone who does).

To take part in the study, you must be:

  • over 18
  • living in the UK
  • currently taking cannabis for medical purposes without a doctor’s prescription
    or a carer for someone taking cannabis for medical purposes without a prescription

We have previously published research about people with a cannabis prescription and taken their stories to parliament to get their voices heard.

Please note
This new study focuses on people who use cannabis medically without a prescription. You can still take part if you have a prescription and buy cannabis illegally, but not if you have a prescription only. This study is also only about cannabis used for medical purposes, not recreational use.

You would be invited to take part in a confidential, one-to-one online interview, using MS Teams software. We anticipate the interview will take around 1-2 hours of your time. We will arrange the interview at a mutually convenient time, and it can be conducted all in one session or split into shorter sessions, to suit your needs. You can tell us when you want to take breaks or stop. You will always have the right to refuse if there are any questions you do not want to answer.

If you are interested, please email Dr Lindsey Metcalf McGrath (Principal Investigator on this research project). Lindsey is a Researcher and Lecturer in the School of Justice Studies, Liverpool John Moores University.

By emailing, you are simply agreeing to receive more information about the study to help you decide whether to participate. You are under no obligation to take part and can decide not to at any point. Thank you!

Find us on social media @MedCanProject

Research Ethics Committee Reference Number: 24/LCP/005

LJMU Central telephone number: 0151 231 2121