Contemporary Art Lab

Work undertaken at the Contemporary Art Lab

The Contemporary Art Lab is dedicated to historical, theoretical and practice-led research in the creative and performing arts

Lab Leader: Professor Colin Fallows

The Contemporary Art Lab is an interdisciplinary research group within the Liverpool School of Art and Design – representing the latest incarnation of the oldest research area in LJMU dating back to the 1820s. The Contemporary Art Lab and its forerunners have a long tradition of engagement with the academic and cultural ecology of Liverpool, together with well-established national and international collaborative partnerships.

The Lab supports research and practice in a diverse range of fields which intersect with concerns and concepts in contemporary art and curatorial practice. It explores understandings of contemporary art and curatorial practice as forms of critical inquiry and knowledge production.

It extends the traditional remit of artistic practice to an expanded research centre or ‘lab’ where experimental thinking and making takes place, and where artistic and curatorial knowledge is enacted, produced and published.

The Lab specialises in sound and visual arts, live performance, conceptual art, environmental art and contemporary printmaking.

Contemporary Art Lab produces:

  • Art
  • Exhibitions and performances
  • Books, catalogues, recordings and journal publications
  • Research fellowships
  • Research and education at postgraduate and doctoral levels

The Contemporary Art Lab produces work for a range of audiences through diverse media including: sound and performance, exhibitions, installations, interventions, workshops, screenings, talks and conference presentations. The fellowship programme is dedicated to artistic and curatorial research, the dissemination of knowledge, connecting members of the Lab to other national/international artists, curators and scholars working across disciplines. It also operates as a conduit to disseminate the work of its members and its key partners internationally.

For more information on our postgraduate research and education opportunities, including MPhil/PhD opportunities, visit the Liverpool School of Art and Design pages.


The Contemporary Art Lab is directed by Prof Colin Fallows, Professor of Sound and Visual Art, and Head of Research Degrees at the Liverpool School of Art and Design.

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Contact: Prof Colin Fallows

Contemporary Art Lab
Liverpool John Moores University
Liverpool School of Art and Design
John Lennon Art and Design Building
2 Duckinfield Street
Liverpool L3 5RD