Shanidar Cave

Geography and Environmental Science Research Group

Understanding, living in and managing a changing world

We aim to make a difference through fundamental and applied research.

The world is changing fast and the global population has many challenges to face. Our research tackles fundamental problems affecting life on earth today and in the future, but we also look into the past as a way of informing the future. We aim to deepen understanding of the challenges facing people today and in the future through the exploration and investigation of the environmental and social worlds in which we live and the processes and structures that shape them.

Our research is diverse thematically and geographically, using a wide variety of methods. Our research matters - we work with many stakeholders, including commercial organisations, NGOs, institutes, museums, government agencies, local and national governments. We welcome enquiries from people interested in doing postgraduate research with us.

Our expertise and projects

Sustainable societies

Sustainable environments

Environmental change


Commercial organisations


Projects and programmes


State bodies and regulators


Facilities and equipment

We share the Faculty of Science facilities and equipment


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We undertake research throughout the UK and internationally. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us:

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