About Diversity and Inclusion at LJMU

Our role

  • To work proactively within the University community to embed equality, diversity and inclusivity practices
  • To provide both planned and bespoke equality, diversity and inclusivity advice 
  • Be responsible for the robust infrastructure of diversity networks which exist across the University 
  • To liaise with Liverpool John Moores Students Union (JMSU)
  • Organise a series of events, workshops, and conferences to ensure a culture that embraces diversity is embedded throughout the university

Question about Diversity and Inclusion at LJMU? Email the team: equality@ljmu.ac.uk

The Team

Moni Akinsanya

Associate Director - Diversity and Inclusion

Moni Akinsanya is the LJMU’s Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion who was instrumental to setting up the Reciprocal Mentoring Programme, Positive Action Programme and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Black, Asian, and Minority Staff Leadership Development Programme. Moni provides expertise on all equality, diversity and inclusivity matters across LJMU and to external Organisations. Using her knowledge, insight and skills, Moni has worked as a consultant with other organisations advising on equality, diversity and inclusivity matters such as setting up Reciprocal Mentoring and the Positive Action Programmes. She has served as a trustee of several boards in the community, making immense contributions and working in partnership with key community representatives. Moni has developed many project initiatives with community groups, organised various women’s programmes during lockdown to empower particularly women of colour and faith, some of which attracted over 200 women from different parts of the world.

Moni is actively involved in various local and national networks such as the Higher Education Race Action Group, the Higher Education Equal Opportunities Network, and serves as a judge on the Athena Swan panel. Moni is the treasurer of DCLMUK, a UK-registered charity organisation with an annual turnover of over 2million pounds.

Pronouns: She/Her

Email: M.M.Akinsanya@ljmu.ac.uk

Senior Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Julia Daer is a Marketing graduate (BA) and International Relations (MA) graduate of Liverpool John Moores University. In her role as VP Academic Quality at JMSU, she got involved in conversations relating to the Access and Participation Plan (APP) and started working closely with the EDI Team. This work further developed into the launch of LJMU’s Reciprocal Mentoring scheme, during her time as JMSU President. Julia joined the Equality Team in 2021 and is currently undertaking a PhD.

Pronouns: She/Her

Email: J.L.Daer@ljmu.ac.uk

Diversity and Inclusion coordinator

Beatrice Png Jiaxing (Ji-a – Xin-g) is a History of Art and Museum Studies graduate (BA) of Liverpool John Moores University. During her degree journey, she worked with the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences on a Curriculum Enhancement Internship, where she focused on creating accessible EDI infographics and visuals that communicates LJMU’s Student Code of Behaviour and Student Disciplinary Procedures. She joined the Liverpool East and South-East Asian Network (LESEAN) in 2021 and worked closely with her community to create more spaces and representation for people with ESEA heritage in Liverpool. Prior to her degree, she worked in Design and Advertising Agencies for 7 years in Singapore; specialising in the communication of visual ideas through Adobe software. Beatrice joined the Equality Team in November 2022 and still practices as a Designer.

Pronouns: She/Her

Email: B.J.Png@ljmu.ac.uk

Diversity and Inclusion Projects Officer

Roisín Trainor joined LJMU in late 2022, taking up the role of EDI Projects Officer after working closely with the Diversity and Inclusion team during her time working on Athena Swan in the Business School at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Graduating in 2014 with a joint honours degree in French-Language and Linguistics (MA) from the University of Aberdeen, she has since gained professional experience in several areas including social housing, supporting vulnerable people facing homelessness, and in local libraries, helping mainly children, pensioners and disadvantaged members of the community to access books, media and computers, as well as providing additional support to those applying for jobs or to study. Having also worked for the Student Loans Company (SLC) for several years, she progressed quickly in project management roles, working closely with HMRC, SAAS, the Department for Education and the Scottish Government on a number of high-profile projects.

In addition to her substantive role, Roisín’s personal passion for Diversity and Inclusion work and taking an active role in her community have led her to join groups and take on voluntary roles including working in a Shelter Scotland shop and being an active member of several employee networks for staff and allies of those who are disabled, neurodiverse or LGBT+. Keen to help enable junior and under-employed peers to progress and get onto fulfilling career paths, she also worked closely with the Executive Leadership Team at SLC to develop internship and apprenticeship schemes, and has participated in several mentor programmes. Often working with new staff, including graduates, apprentices and interns, she supported them to benefit as much as possible from their roles through learning and developing skills and growing networks, and she also successfully coached a number of mentees through the application and interview process into permanent, promoted roles.

Pronouns: She/Her

Email: R.Trainor@ljmu.ac.uk

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