What is EDIpedia?

EDIpedia started life as an LJMU curriculum-enhancement internship project during 2020, funded by the Teaching and Learning Academy. It aims to address the longstanding preoccupation of STEM curricula with contributions from individuals who do not reflect the full diversity of the historic and contemporary global research community. In this way, EDIpedia is aligned with the diversity and inclusivity agenda of the University.

The project acknowledges that, compared to arts and humanities, STEM disciplines have less ability to adjust reading lists to ensure a more inclusive range of authors. EDIpedia addresses this issue by providing a readily accessible source of profiles of scholars from underrepresented groups who have contributed to the development of specific STEM-discipline knowledge.

Teaching staff are encouraged explicitly to cite EDIpedia profiles of these pioneers when allied subject content is taught in class. Students are welcome to browse the EDIpedia pages at their leisure and learn more about these inspiring individuals. Both activities will raise awareness of the diversity of contributors within STEM and present a wider range of role models that both staff and students may identify with.

Who can contribute?

The initial set of EDIpedia profiles were compiled by nine student interns; Mohammad Alalami, Shayan Ghavam, Ellie Glover, Anthonia Oluwatuyi, Oghenefe Otobrise, Gabby Perminaite, Deshan Premasiri, Sara Singh and Kapil Tyagi; we are grateful for their excellent work on this project.

All members of the LJMU community are welcome to submit short STEM biographies to EDIpedia by completing this form. People from external institutions are also welcome to submit STEM biographies by completing this form.

You can submit suggestions for changes to existing EDIpedia content by emailing us at edipedia@ljmu.ac.uk.

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