Are you technically minded and practical in outlook?

Then engineering could be the right career for you. Our courses span a wide variety of engineering disciplines.

  • Engineering: obtain a solid grounding in high-level mathematics as well as receiving advanced training in engineering applications. Learn the skills to ensure that buildings function efficiently or design, implement and maintain software ranging from large systems to websites
  • Civil engineering: civil engineers design, plan and manage civil and environmental projects from concept to realisation. They consider structural problems and aesthetics as well as environmental and economic impacts
  • Electrical engineering: many of the products and services we use in everyday life would not exist unless an electrical engineer had designed the relevant parts. Electrical engineers play a key role in making everyday items faster, cheaper, smaller and better
  • Mechanical engineering: in a rapidly changing world, mechanical engineers are in demand more than ever before to design and build the new generation of engines, power plants, structures and vehicles that keep the world running.


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