LOOM projects

Find out more about the variety of projects LOOM has conducted.

Research projects completed in 2021

PhD projects

Dr. A. Ehiagwina, “Agent based modelling of port traffic” (2018-2021), funded by LJMU.

Dr. J. Ender, “Research into interaction among humans, machines and networks across the digitised industry at present and in the future” (2017-2021), funded by HS Wismar - University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Dr. B. Kelly, “The Development of a Recruitment Tool to Improve the Process of Selection and Ongoing Retention of Deck Cadets in the UK Merchant Navy” (2021).

Dr. A. Makki “The Impact of Container Carrier Heavy Goods Vehicles on Road Transportation Operation, Safety, and Logistics” (2006-2021).

Dr. M. Usman, Risk based maintenance, funded by Lloyds Register and LJMU, 2021.

Postdoctoral projects

Dr. I. Ademola, “Marine pollution prevention – the case of mobile ballast water management systems” (03/2021), funded by the EU.

N. Cook, “Cloud-based passenger assist system for railway industry” (2021), funded by UKRI.

Dr. I. Deplano, “Cloud architecture and intelligent dashboard to collect and analyse real-time sensor data for sustainable travel” (2019-21), funded by the ERDF.

C. Evans, “Web authentication and other cloud development for sensor monitoring and evaluation” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via LCR CA.

C. Froment, “Storyboarding and video production for LJMU rail research” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via InnovateUK.

J. Kolonic, “AV engineering for promoting LJMU rail research products” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via InnovateUK.

Dr. C. Michailides, “Structural health modelling of floating offshore wind turbines” (2018-2021), funded by EU.

T. Morris, “Handling real-time data stream and messaging for railway systems” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via InnovateUK.

A. Palin, “Managing the development process of communication and information system for railway staff” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via InnovateUK.

Dr A. Romano, Blue Economy (2020-2021), funded by EU.

E. Shaw, “Risk-based specifications of portable power packs for different applications – part 1” (2020-2021), funded by the Ministry of Defence via QinetiQ.

G. Tasapparalas, “IoT system for sustainable travel” (2019-21), funded by the ERDF.

R. Tuladhar, “Front-end development for communication systems in rail” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via InnovateUK.

A. Withington, “Designing user experience and human-computer interaction for railway systems” (2020-21), funded by the DfT via InnovateUK.

Visiting research projects

Dr. D. Cooper, “Safety and Engineering Risk Management” (2018-2021), Visiting Professor from Risktec and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

B. Qian, “Advanced planning and control methods for multi-agent robotic systems” (2020-2021), funded by Shanghai Dianji University.

Ongoing research projects in 2021

Doctoral projects

Mrs R. Abdulkadir, “Supply chain integration: empirical evidence from Kaduna State public health supply chains” (2020-2023).

S. Caldwell, “Integrated decision support for sustainable maritime supply chains: Understanding the harmonisation of big data and industry 4.0” (2019-2022).

J. B. Campbell, “A study of turbulence and heat transfer in pulsating flows”, funded by LJMU FET Scholarship (2019-2022).

O. Chukwuka, “Risk analysis for emergency supply chain with particular focus on intermodal transport” (2019-2022), funded by Nigeria.

J. Cutler, “Performance Evaluation of a Combined Floating Offshore Energy System (CFOES) in Operational and Extreme Conditions” (2019-2022), funded by LJMU Scholarship.

Ms X. Ge, “The Impact of Ethnographic Research for Urban Regeneration, in Particular the Redevelopment of Post-industrial Sites in China” (2019-2022).

S. Gbako, “Benchmarking the current state of the art of Inland Waterways” (2019-2022).

A. Habib, “Analysis of Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) practice in the Ethiopian coffee supply chain” (2020-2023).

B. Ishaya, “A risk assessment framework on the prevention and management of modern-day slavery in global supply chain” (2020-2024).

M. Jenkins, “An investigation and evaluation of workplace substance misuse programmes and compliance with drug and alcohol policy” (2019-2024).

K. Ji, “Swarm intelligence-based decision-making for many-agent autonomous systems” (2017-2021), funded by LJMU and CSC.

S. Jones. “Reciprocity and Mutuality: A Study into the Emergence of a New Maritime Economy in the Liverpool City Region (2019-2022).

H. Khansaheb, “Solutions to the sedimentation and maintenance of semi-enclosed channels (2019-2022).

A. Khalique, “Eliminating instrumental distractions on ship’s bridge to improve OOW’s situational awareness focus”, (2019-2026).

Miss K. Morrison, “Voice tampering, alterations and audio deepfakes: standardisation of detection methods” (2019-2022).

I. Nawaz, “Risk-based verification of offshore installations on the United Kingdom continental shelf” (2012-2022), funded by Lloyd’s Register.

L.C. Newton, “Investigating turbulent-turbulent transition of transient flow over smooth and rough surfaces” (2019-2022), funded by LJMU FET Scholarship.

M. Oregbeyiwa, “Increasing energy efficiency in ports” (2019-2022).

C. Park, “Cybersecurity risk assessment in the maritime industry” (2019-2022).

J. Reed-Jones, “Binaural Sound Localisation for Smart Sensors using Hybrid Neural Networks” (2019-2022), funded by LJMU Scholarship.

R. Ren, “Development of a novel risk management system for cold chain packaging” (2020-2023).

O. Salih, “Investigation of an intelligent shunt for Hydrocephalus monitoring” (2018-2022).

E. Shaw, “Investigation and analysis into the current status and future direction relating to the application of complex computer technology for safety-critical systems in the marine sector” (2017-2022), funded by LJMU scholarship.

Miss H. Sivori, “Maritime Simulation-based stress-induced analysis and mitigating methods while applying functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)” (2019-2022), funded by a FET scholarship.

A. Spiteri, “Ship hull drag reduction using air cousin induced by a modified hull” (2019-2022).

S. Symes, “Ship simulator-based seafarers’ skill acquisition incorporating the use of Functional-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)” (2017-2021), funded by LJMU scholarship.

S. Toh, “Computational wear prediction for orthopaedic applications” (2019-2022).

P. Ugedi, “Assessing the effectiveness and implementation of the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Regulation” (2016-2021), funded by the Faculty and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency.

Miss X. Zhan, “A Design-Led Research Project in Urban Regeneration: How Environmental Psychology can help in Restructuring the Post-Industrial Landscape” (2019-2022).

Ongoing postdoctoral project

Dr. D. Agarwal, “Rotorcraft simulation fidelity” (2019-2022), funded by EPSRC.

D. Fitch, “Managing the development, installation, evaluation and maintenance processes for the Smart Green Things – a suite of digital products for LCR Sustainable Green Travel Corridors” (2019-21), funded by the ERDF and LCR CA.

Dr. A. Makki, “Surveying and analysing sensor data for sustainable travel” (2021-2022), funded by UKRI.

Dr. O. Maklad, “On the Development of a Novel Approach in Modelling of Turbulent Pulsating Flows” (2020-2023), funded by EPSRC.

Dr. M.C. Poo “Blue Economy” (2020-2022), funded by ERDF.

Dr. M. Seddiq, “Development of next generation of Anilox Rolls and Sleeves” (2019-2021), funded by InnovateUK.

Dr. Y. Wang, “Emergency decision support system of offshore platform fires” (2020-2022), funded by EU.