Learner digital engagement privacy notice

Information you need to know

The IT Services department is part of Liverpool John Moores University. See further information on the institution.

Liverpool John Moores University is the Data Controller.

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at DPO@ljmu.ac.uk

LJMU takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy notice explains how we use your personal information and your rights regarding that information. We will always use your data as set out in the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all current Data Protection Legislation. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use your data and to meeting our data protection obligations.

For information about how the wider University uses personal data please see the Privacy Notice section of our website.

What information are we collecting?

The My Engagement application collates your usage of LJMU digital resources such as Canvas, Library systems and Printing, as well as your attendance record.

This information is visible to your Personal Tutor, Level Tutor Programme Leader, Director of School, designated Faculty Administrative staff and Faculty Associate Deans of Education and may be used to provide you with a variety of support services. In addition to your digital usage data, a small amount of personal data is collected to allow your School / Department to contact you, i.e. your student ID, name, email, mobile number and photo.

Why are we collecting your data and what is the legal basis for this?

LJMU will collect personal data from you for several reasons, and will at all times do so in compliance with the principles of the GDPR, and for one of the legal basis set out in Article 6 of the Regulation.

We collect your usage data and a small amount of relevant personal data to allow you to compare your engagement against your cohort and so that your Personal Tutor, and Programme Leader can provide you with appropriate support. Directors of School Associate Deans (Education) and selected project staff will use the data to look at trends which could lead to recommendations by them as to how the LJMU digital offering could be improved to enhance your experience. Designated Faculty Administrative staff will use the data to support the work of the others that have access to the data.

The lawful basis is Article 6 (F) - that LJMU have legitimate interests in collecting this data.

Who has access to this data?

Your personal data will be used only by relevant LJMU staff where the data is necessary for them to undertake their designated role. The following personnel will have access to your personal data in My Engagement:

  • Personal Tutors
  • Level Tutors
  • Programme Leaders
  • Directors of School
  • Faculty Pro Vice Chancellors
  • Faculty Associate Deans (Education)
  • Designated Faculty administrative staff
  • Selected project staff
  • Executive Leadership Team

The data is not shared with third parties.

How does the University protect your data?

The University takes Data Protection very seriously and at all times your personal data will be handled in line with the University’s Information Security Policy.

For how long does the University keep your data?

We will keep your information only for as long as we need it and in accordance with our Records Retention Schedule. When we no longer need the information, we will dispose of it securely.

The My Engagement application only uses your data while you are an LJMU student. Your personal data will not be retained by the application after you leave the University.

Digital usage data will be anonymised to enable the University to perform statistical analysis.

Your rights

As a data subject, you have a number of rights. You can:

  • access and obtain a copy of your data on request, this could be in a portable electronic format;
  • require the University to change incorrect or incomplete data if you think that it is inaccurate or out of date
  • require the University to delete or stop processing your data, for example where the data is no longer necessary or legally required for the purposes of processing

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact the Data Protection Officer DPO@ljmu.ac.uk

What if you do not provide data?

The My Engagement application does not ask you to provide any personal data but has access to a small amount of the personal data you provide when you enrol with the University.

You are not required to share your personal data with the My Engagement application. However, we are not able to report your engagement without that data, so may be less able to provide the support services you require while studying at LJMU.

Transfers of data outside the UK

Generally, we do not send your personal data outside the UK. However, in some specific cases, we may transfer the personal data we collect to countries outside the UK in order to perform our contract with you/or a contract with another organisation that requires your personal data i.e. a collaboration agreement with a university based outside of the UK. Where we do this, we will ensure that your personal information is protected by way of an ‘adequacy regulation’ with the UK or by putting alternative appropriate measures in place to ensure that your personal information is treated by those third parties in a way that is consistent with and which respects the UK laws on data protection. For example model contractual clauses, data sharing/data processing agreement and binding corporate rules (where applicable).

Automated decision making

We will not make any decisions about you automatically using a computer, based on your personal data. All decisions affecting you will be taken by a human.

How to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office?

You have the right to complain to The Information Commissioner if you believe that our processing of your personal data does not meet our data protection obligations. The Information Commissioner can be contacted:

Post: Information Commissioners Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK95AF.

Telephone: 0303 123 1113.

Email: contact can be made by accessing www.ico.org.uk.