Staff networks explored, explained and celebrated

Staff from across the university recently came together at a special event to celebrate the power of staff networks in the workplace.

Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE, founder of the National Day for Staff Networks, told LJMU staff during her guest talk that “networks allow you to show your potential” and that they are a “crucial piece of the puzzle” in bridging the empathy gap that lies between effective diversity and inclusion in any place of work.

Cherron’s talk was a masterclass in figuring out what networks are for, why they are needed, what networks shouldn’t be and how they can be successful and effective in bringing about both individual and organisational benefits.

She also stressed the importance of not ‘putting people in a box’ and how staff networks are a fantastic way of enabling staff to show other sides of themselves, both personally and professionally, creating a sense of belonging and allowing them to grow and learn effectively through participation in such groups.  

Her insight and expertise were welcomed by attendees and was particularly impactful for staff launching our latest group, the Admin and PA Staff Network, which is the seventh staff network to be created by staff, for staff.   

Moni Akinsanya, Associate Director Diversity and Inclusion said: “Staff networks bring together colleagues with similar roles and experiences, furthering a sense of belonging. They also create opportunities for individuals, groups and for the institution.

"This particular network brings together colleagues in key roles at LJMU who want to come together and share best practice. I would like to commend Catherine and Wendy for spearheading this and invite other colleagues to put themselves forward to become staff network officials. The Diversity and Inclusion and Organisational Development Teams will be available to offer their invaluable support as needed.”

What is the Admin and PA Staff Network?

The Admin and PA Staff Network is aimed at all internal administrative staff and executive supports from across the university with the focus on ‘one community’ to get to know one another and to make sharing good practice a reality.

The group also hope to provide new opportunities for colleagues in the group, to encourage and facilitate the learning of new skills as well as looking at bespoke training most relevant to the roles of those in the network.

How can I get involved?

Contact via email Catherine Ryan and Wendy Prayle if you would like to join or to find out more about the network or perhaps to take on an active volunteer role for the group.

As a starting point, a Microsoft Teams channel will be set up and information circulated about practical next steps to take the network forward.

Other staff networks at LJMU

Our staff networks at LJMU primarily focus on fostering a sense of community while also offering support and facilitating personal and professional growth within the workplace.

We have the following staff networks at LJMU:

  • Women in Professional Services Network
  • Women Professors Network
  • Women Academics Network
  • Staff Disability Network
  • Ethnically Diverse Staff Network
  • LGBTQI+ Staff Network

More about what our staff networks do, how to join and who are network officials are in our staff networks news story.


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