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At LJMU we’ll soon have seven staff networks across the university for staff to join. 

Staff Networks at LJMU include:

Women in Professional Services 
Women Professors Network 
Women Academics Network 
Staff Disability Network 
Ethnically Diverse Staff Network 
LGBTQI+ Staff Network

Admin and PA Staff Network (launching soon)

What do staff networks do at LJMU? 

Staff Networks at LJMU are instrumental in creating a safe space for employees to come together, share their stories and build a sense of community based on their shared identity and lived experiences. They also offer valuable support to individuals who may be facing challenges at work by connecting them with empathetic colleagues who can offer advice and guidance.  

These networks play a vital role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the university, using their collective voice to highlight areas that need improvement and advocating for policy changes to ensure equal opportunities for all. Through collaboration and working towards common goals, Staff Networks at LJMU have played a pivotal role in achieving accreditation charter marks, developing action plans, and making significant contributions within the university.  

Additionally, Staff Networks provide a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues from different departments that you may not typically interact with daily. It is a chance to broaden your network and build relationships across the university, aiding career advancement and promoting personal development within the workplace. By fostering inclusivity, the networks bring people together, enabling individuals to support and advocate for one another.  

How can I join? 

LJMU staff who wish to join a network can do this by clicking the ‘Get involved in the Network’ button on each network’s page, within the Diversity and Inclusion web page. These staff networks are dedicated spaces for different groups within LJMU and you are welcome to join more than one network if you identify with more than one group. The networks are now all managed via Teams therefore if you did belong to a network and no longer get updates, you may need to sign up again. Once part of a network, you’ll be added to the Teams group and can interact with your fellow network members and receive updates on meetings etc.

Introducing our new Network Officials 

In the autumn of 2023, we ran co-chair elections for some of the staff networks and we are pleased to announce that all the new network officials are three months into their postings. The new network officials have been overseeing the planning, coordination, development and operations of the network concurrently and strategically with other committee members.  

The newly elected co-chairs are: 

Staff Disability Network  

Amie Longthorne – Co-Chair  





Jacqui Lovell – Co-Chair 





Alexander Priest – Project Lead/Co-Ordinator  





Ethnically Diverse Staff Network  

Tasnim Ahmed – Co-Chair 






Olatunde Durowoju – Co-Chair 






Mohua Saha – Project Lead/Co-ordinator 




Women Academics Network  

Lisa Knight – Co-Chair  






Women in Professional Services  

Helen Connolly – Co-Chair  







LGBTQI+ Network  

The LJMU Together LGBTQI+ Network has current openings for those interested in joining the committee. Contact Phil Bakstad if you would like to get involved. 

Upcoming Staff Network and Diversity and Inclusion activities and events 

LGBT History Month – Social Event  

Networking for LGBTQI+ Staff members following network meeting

Friday 2 February, 3.30pm to 4.30pm  
Tithebarn Building followed by The Lisbon on Stanley Street at 5pm - allies welcome
Sign up by emailing Phil Bakstad, Associate Dean Diversity and Inclusion (Professional Services)  

‘Picture a Scientist’ Film Screening and Discussion 

Friday 2 February, 2pm to 4pm  
Room 205, Student Life Building, L3 5LJ 
Sign up via Libcal.

Harness the Power of Staff Networks  

Thursday 8 February, 1pm to 4pm 
Peter Jost Upper Lecture Theatre, James Parsons Building, L3 3AF 
Sign up via Eventbrite.

Identity without limits: Championing Boundless Individuality 

Wednesday 21 February, 12.30pm to 4pm 
Tithebarn Building room 122 
Sign up via Eventbrite.

Unleashing your true potential: Self-reflection and growth 

(Open to Ethnically Diverse Staff Members only) 
Wednesday, 28th February, 9:30am – 2:30pm 
Room 204 and 205, Student Life Building, L3 5LJ 
Sign up via Microsoft Forms.  

Want to find out more about Diversity and Inclusion at LJMU? 

Visit the D&I webpage for resources, events and updates or


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