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Elena Balakina

Astrophysics Research Institute

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Journal article

Martens S, Kamann S, Dreizler S, Göttgens F, Husser T-O, Latour M, Balakina E, Krajnović D, Pechetti R, Weilbacher PM. 2023. Kinematic differences between multiple populations in Galactic globular clusters Astronomy and Astrophysics, 671 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Balakina EA, Pruzhinskaya MV. 2021. The Influence of the Peculiar Velocities of SNe Ia in Clusters of Galaxies on the Redshift Measurements Astronomy Reports, 65 :897-901 DOI Publisher Url

Balakina EA, Pruzhinskaya MV, Moskvitin AS, Blinnikov SI, Wang X, Xiang D, Lin H, Rui L, Wang H. 2021. Optical and spectral observations and hydrodynamic modelling of type IIb supernova 2017gpn Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 501 :5797-5810 DOI Publisher Url Public Url