College students enjoy stay in Liverpool and university experience

At the beginning of July, nearly 100 Year 12 students from Northern Ireland, Wales and across the rest of England took part in a three-day residential visit to LJMU to experience all that the university has to offer.

The programme was fully funded by the university and led by LJMU’s Outreach Team as part of its on-going work to help children and young people from underrepresented backgrounds to gain the knowledge and confidence to look at going into higher education after school or college.

Mariama Balde Djaura, Outreach Account Manager, said: “Our summer residential was an exceptional three-day event that provided the young people in attendance with an immersive experience of university life.

“Through a variety of workshops, overnight stays in our student accommodation, academic lectures, activities, and campus tours, we aimed to inspire and empower those taking part, showcasing the numerous opportunities available to them at LJMU.

“Over the three days we witnessed the enthusiasm of the students as they actively engaged with our staff, current students, and their peers who share similar aspirations, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone felt welcomed, encouraged, and motivated to pursue a path in higher education.

“Our student advocates, who are all currently studying at LJMU, were fantastic and played a major role in the success of this summer’s programme.”

Amazing feedback from the students

Students from across the country who took part said:

“I have gained a sense of independence living in student accommodation for three days. I have also learnt about the application process into university as well as the subject I’m interested in studying. I also feel more confident speaking to new people and socialising.”

“I had a really good time and have enjoyed myself and getting to learn all about LJMU. I feel confident that I would want to attend university!”

“It was very lively as I was constantly active. It was also very sociable as everyone was really friendly. It was also quite informative as the conversations I had specifically with the student advocates really helped me to consider the future. Additionally, meeting people from all over the UK broadened my worldview.”

“It was a great insight of the life of students at uni, I got the chance to experience a lecture, work in the lab, make friends, and discover Liverpool.”

Two students from Liverpool Screen School did a fantastic job in capturing many of the highlights of the week in a special montage video.


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