Electric racing cars to robotics: Chancellor inspired by FET students' latest work

Nisha Katona meets FET students

LJMU Chancellor Nisha Katona has caught up with students from LJMU’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology to hear about their latest work and research.

Nisha spoke to students and staff from across the faculty including hearing a presentation from engineering students, who are currently working on an electric formula racing car.

A dog lover herself, Nisha also got the pleasure of meeting ‘Spot’ LJMU’s very own robotic dog and the technology behind it.

Finally, students were also able to show Nisha around the Mechanical Practical Lab where much of their practical studies take place, as well as LJMU’s Ship Simulator; part of LJMU’s Maritime Centre, which allows students and the community to use cutting-edge training facilities to experience a full engine room simulator, primarily used for training marine engineers. 

On the visit and getting to meet FET students, Nisha said:

“The part of my Chancellorship which I enjoy the most, is speaking to the students because I was one of them. 

“To see them at the stage of life that they are at and understand what they want to be and how they see their future, this is to me, the most exciting thing.” 

About the Faculty of Engineering and Technology 

About LJMU Chancellor Nisha Katona 

Nisha returns to campus regularly in her role as Chancellor to meet with students and staff, taking great interest in the activities of students and the progress of the university.

Nisha became LJMU Chancellor in January 2022 becoming the first alumni chancellor of the university.

She graduated with a law degree in 1995 and went on to work as a Barrister for 20 years before setting up her own business, Mowgli, one of the fastest growing restaurant movements in the country.

Nisha has also delivered her own Roscoe Lecture on behalf of the university and is featured in the LJMU 200, part of our Bicentenary celebrations and an online repository, where we shine a light on 200 of the many thousands of outstanding people, from the earliest days of the Mechanics Institute in 1823, up to this very moment, who have shaped and been shaped by this university. 


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