Tuition fees

How much are your tuition fees?

Tuition fees, repayments and additional costs

Your fees will vary depending on the course or courses you choose to study. You'll find more information about tuition fees below.

Fees for postgraduate and undergraduate students


Classroom based

Laboratory based

Industrial placement year
£3,650 (Please refer to your course factfile for specific fee information.)

Fees for postgraduate students starting in January 2024 

Classroom based

Laboratory based

If you have any questions about tuition fees, please get in touch with one of our student advisors.

Please note
Tuition fees may be subject to an annual increase.

How to pay your fees

You can either:

  • pay your tuition fees in full before enrolment
  • pay 50% of your tuition fees to enrol - students can pay 50% of the headline international fees in two instalments before enrolment
  • pay £5,000 to get your CAS and the balance at enrolment

50% of your tuition fees is calculated as total fees divided by two. For example if your fees are £17,750 then you need to pay £8,875 to enrol.

Please note
Any discounts/scholarships awarded will be deducted from the balance that is due after enrolling with equal payment plans in January and April.

You can pay your tuition fees online, using Flywire.

Read the How to pay Guide.


Remember, as an international student you will also need to pay a deposit of £5,000 of your tuition to get the Certificate of Attendance of Studies (CAS) letter.

Budget for your living costs

As well as tuition fees, you need to budget for your living costs

You must budget for a minimum of £1,023 per month (at a maximum of nine months) to cover your living expenses, according to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Therefore if you are coming to study for a course of nine months or more you will need £9,207.

Find out more on the UKCISA site

Work out your costs

Use the calculator and visit our accommodation pages

Your budget calculator

Use the International Student Calculator to help you plan and manage your money.


Liverpool John Moores University has a range of affordable and quality student accommodation.

For more information on financial aid for US students, see registry services.