Web Content Team

The Web Content Team manages the LJMU website. We deliver web-based content that fits with LJMU’s brand and tone of voice. And we ensure the website complies with legally required accessibility regulations.

Good content allows people to find out what they need or want to do. We champion the user whilst representing LJMU and our colleagues.

If you are a contributor to our website and update or create content, you must familiarise yourself with our guidance. All our guides explain why we need to make our content accessible.

Web Content Community

We are establishing a community for all staff who contribute to the LJMU website. It is available to you whether you write and ask someone else to publish for you, or you publish on Sitecore, or do both.

To support you, we provide webpages of guidance. We also occasionally email notices of new developments or changes to the Web Content Community.

If you want to contribute to LJMU’s website, please let us know and we will add you to our Web Content Community and the mailing list. See the Web Content Community messages archive for the full list of emails we have shared.

Creating content for the web

Read the Before you start and the Review and maintain pages before you start your drafts. These are full of tips to help you plan your content and keep it up to date.

Writing for the web

Our Web content style guide is a comprehensive guide to help you write for the web. It is full of tips and techniques that will shape and present your content in the most accessible and user-friendly way.

Standards continue to improve, so please regularly return to this guide to keep up to date with the necessary requirements.

Making your content accessible

The Making your content accessible guidance gives an overall view of why we must produce an accessible website. It describes different file formats, when it is appropriate to use them, and how to comply with regulations so that they can be uploaded to the website.

Accessibility regulations are continually updating. Please return to this guide regularly to keep up to date with the necessary requirements.

Asking us to publish on the website for you

The Submitting a website publishing request guide helps you to successfully send a request to the Web Content Team. Following the right procedures helps us to deliver your content as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Web Content Team assets

The Web Content Team uses online tools, webinars, and other resources to help produce accessible content.

The Web Content Team session notes and assets page lists our session notes and the tools and assets that we use. Please do visit this page and make the most of these assets.

Editor’s publishing checklist

To help us deliver consistently accessible content, the Web Content team uses a quality control checklist based on WCAG standards and regulations.

If you create and edit content on Sitecore, please use our Publishing Checklist to make sure your pages are compliant. Not everything on the list will be relevant for every page, but it provides a comprehensive list for meeting the necessary standards.

You must keep up to date and regularly return to the checklist.

Contact details

Please send all web-related queries and requests to join the Web Content Community through the IT helpdesk:

  • Select the ‘Website content requests’ tile
  • Select the ‘Request content changes or new development’ tile