Overview of facilities

Printers at LJMU

Printing at LJMU is managed by a third party – Apogee Corporation Ltd. – and comprises:

  • A fleet of printers (known as Multi-Functional Devices or MFDs for short, as they also copy and scan) and
  • An offsite print room service that can process bulk and specialist print jobs.  Both facilities are available to both staff and students.

Printers at LJMU

All LJMU printers offer printing, copying and scanning with a simple-to-use touch-screen interface. You can send your document to the MyPrint queue and pick it up from any printer.

Scanning includes OCR (Optical character recognition software) so that any printed document can be scanned into a searchable PDF or Word document.

There is an LJMU HP printer user guide to familiarise yourself with the HP devices.

For information about moving/adding printers in your area, please see the MFD Management Guide below

Getting Support

If you have any difficulties using our printers, please log a printing fault via the Print dashboard in the HelpMe self-service support portal. All issues raised via this means will be sent to the LJMU IT Helpdesk in the first instance for review, then passed to Apogee’s helpdesk team if appropriate.

How to use

You need your University card to print, copy or scan

  • If you are printing, first send your document to the MyPrint queue
  • Tap your University card on the card reader
  • Choose what you want to do - print, copy or scan
  • Any print jobs will be displayed on the device

Documents are held in a secure queue for 24 hours - after that they are automatically deleted from the queue, so you only print what you need - saving paper and money.

Please note: the default setting on all printers is double sided, black and white.

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MFD Management Guide