Amelia Edwards (1831-1892)

  • Edwards was born in London where she started her career in journalism to help earn money for her elderly parents. 
  • She wrote many novels and articles focused on England and France, travelling for her work because she enjoyed visiting countries and seeing their cultures.
  • Whilst in Egypt in 1873 she decided to dedicate the rest of her life to protecting the country's ancient sites. 
  • In Egypt, she witnessed thefts and physical destruction of ancient sites.
  • With the assistance of curators at the British Museum, she set up the 'Egypt Exploration Fund' in 1882, aimed to study, conserve and protect ancient sites in Egypt. 
  • Amelia had great enthusiasm and determination to preserve the past, as a result she helped young archaeologists get out to Egypt to study sites to boost their careers. 
  • Known as the “Godmother of Egyptology”.

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Author: Isabelle Courtier (2021) LJMU Student

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