Alexandra Jones (1977 - )

  • Jones was born in Washington DC and initially wanted to pursue a career in Medicine.
  • She read for a degree in History and Anthropology, graduating in 2001 from Howard University, DC. 
  • After her bachelors, she became a classroom teacher but later returned to Howard to complete a Masters in History in 2003.
  • Following a degree in Historical Archaeology from the University of Berkeley in 2010, she became an Assistant Professor at Baltimore City Community College and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore. 
  • She founded the PBS show ‘Time Team America’ in 2006, working as the Archaeology Field School Director, where she directed fieldwork for Junior High and High School students.
  • She plans and conducts surveys and excavations of historic sights and says, “I am passionate about empowering future generations through the knowledge and perspectives only archaeology can provide.”
  • Alongside her TV show, she is Executive Director of her own organisation, ‘Archaeology in the Community’ which she began in order to open up Archaeology to urban youth in 2009. 
  • Jones believes that all students need to understand their local archaeology and discover its connection to their communities.

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Author: Macy Lee (2021) LJMU Student

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