Aileen Fox (1907-2005)

  • Although Fox read English at the University of Cambridge, women were not granted degrees at the time and she was unable to graduate until 1948. 
  • An archaeologist, Fox's first excavation was at Richborough Roman Fort, where the Romans landed in Britain during their invasion in AD 43. 
  • After the war, she became a special lecturer at the University College of the South West (UCSW) at Exeter.
  • Fox was one of the first female lecturers in archaeology, UCSW eventually becoming Exeter University.
  • Subsequently, she lectured at Auckland University, New Zealand, for ten years, undertaking various roles and rejuvenating the investigation of many Maori pa-hill forts.
  • Fox is remembered for being a co-founder of the New Zealand Archaeological Association.

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Image: Trowel Blazers – Lady Aileen Fox

Author: Callum Baker (2021) LJMU Student

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