Agness Onna Gidna

  • Gidna holds a BSc in Archaeology and History, a Masters in Physical Anthropology, and a PhD supported by the Baldwin Project. 
  • She is the first Tanzanian women to attain a doctorate in Physical Anthropology. 
  • Her research has explored modern lion carcass modifications in the Tarangire National Park and their implications for Plio-Pleistocene fossil fauna.
  • Gidna's studies of early human behaviour at Olduvai Gorge have become the premiere research for African Plio-Pleistocene sites. 
  • She obtained a grant from the Paleo-Anthropology Scientific Trust (PAST) South Africa to curate and inventory the early human fossil remains of Tanzania. 
  • Through additional funding from PAST, she created a novel archaeological education programme for primary and secondary school pupils and their teachers.

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Image: Mary Prendergast

Author: Aimie McNae (2020) LJMU Student 

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