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Jane Evely

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Faculty of Health

Jane is a third year PhD student working under the supervision of Dr Gordon Hay. Her PhD is looking at alcohol use in the context of hepatitis C. Research methods used in the PhD include; participant observation and interviews using life history calendars and vignettes.
Jane qualified as a nurse in 2001 and has since had a varied career working in; an Emergency Department; Theatre Recovery; Glastonbury Music Festival; Australia and more recently in South Sudan. Her main work in South Sudan was to supervise and train local staff, however she also assisted with the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey which involved visiting rural communities to ask questionnaires about health, nutrition and sanitation behaviours.
She currently works as a Research Nurse at the University of Liverpool and Royal Liverpool Hospital, where her responsibilities involve governance and trial set up, as well as consenting patients on to a variety of different research projects.
Prior to nursing she obtained a BA (Hons) in Health Studies and in 2003 obtained a M(Med)Sci in Health Care Studies, which used a critical analysis of primary research to gain an understanding of how nurses assess patients’ pain when patients are unable to verbalise.
Her research interests include infectious diseases, addictions and nursing issues


2003, University of Sheffield, UK, MMEDSCI in Health Care Studies
1997, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, BA(Hons) Health Studies


2007, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom, Diploma in tropical nursing
University of Sheffield, Caring for a patient following surgery
University of Sheffield, Generic peri operative care
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, Mentorship in health & social care
Edge Hill University, United Kingdom, Leadership in health & social care

Academic appointments

PhD student, Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 2014 - present
Honorary staff (Research Nurse), University of Liverpool, 2008 - present

Postgraduate training

Post graduate diploma in health care studies with registration in adult nursing, United Kingdom, University of Sheffield, 1999 - 2001


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