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Arron Peace

Nursing and Advanced Practice

Faculty of Health

I originally studied Biomedicine at the University of Hull/ Hull York Medical School with a thesis entitled "Investigating the effects of fibre fermentation on SP family member binding at the P21 promoter site and the implications in colon cancer" I subsequently studied for an MSc in Molecular Medicine (Cardiology) at the University of Sheffield where I developed a novel high-throughput screen to identify drugs which up-regulate the transcription factor klf2a. This is known to protect against the development of cardiovascular disease in humans. I'm currently undertaking a PhD at Liverpool John Moores University within the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Science and Faculty of Education, Health and Community developing a novel non-invasive method to predict risk in patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery.


2012, University of Hull/ Hull York Medical School, England, BSc Biomedicine
University of Sheffield Medical School, United Kingdom, MSc in Molecular Medicine (Cardiology)


Peace A. 2021. Carotid Artery Reactivity: A potential novel, non-invasive test of endothelial function to predict post-cardiac surgery outcomes, cardiovascular events and survival Lotto R, Thijssen D, Jones I. Public Url

Journal article

Peace A, Pinna V, Timmen F, Speretta G, Jones H, Lotto RR, Jones IS, Thijssen DHJ. 2019. Role of blood pressure in mediating carotid artery dilation in response to sympathetic stimulation in healthy, middle-aged individuals American Journal of Hypertension, DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

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